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Apple Paid Internship Summer – Technical Translator


– Translation of Apple products into Indonesian.

– Utilizing internal tools to identify changes with localization impact.

– Bug monitoring, reporting and resolution.

– Working with cross-functional groups to ensure the process runs smoothly and on schedule.

– Ensuring terminology consistency across all Apple products and services for the Indonesian market.

– Assisting with quick-turnaround translations.

– Identifying tools and process enhancements.

– Using unreleased software to check localization.

– Maintaining style guides and language glossaries.


Are you looking for a great opportunity to work on a dynamic team passionate about delivering extraordinary localized software on some of the world’s most creative consumer electronic products? Do you love the challenge of solving complex problems that can have a direct impact on the success of the company? Join the team responsible for the localization of Apple software and Siri. We are looking for experienced technical translators to localize software and related content into Indonesian.

Our localization team is looking for highly motivated individuals with the right mix of technical, creative, organizational and communication skills to provide technical translations and adaptations for our software. Fluency and translation experience in Indonesian are crucial. The environment is fast paced, requiring the ability to handle workload with daring delivery schedules. In addition to project work, other responsibilities include contributing to improving the tools to make software localization workflows more efficient; helping to investigate the root causes of international issues that are found in localized software; evangelizing standard processes for localization friendly content; defining and driving improvements in our localized content. Strong communication and collaboration skills, attention to detail, and proven ability to manage priorities are crucial!


Native or accredited fluency in Indonesian to support the Indonesian-speaking market. Fluent in English to do the translation from English to Indonesian and vice versa. Experience with CAT tools.

Experience in translation of UI for high-end software products.

Excellent writing skills.

Excellent partnership and interpersonal communication skills.

Large vocabulary, literacy, and cross-cultural knowledge.

Current and direct exposure to Indonesian culture over a sustained period of time.

Knowledgeable in, and critical to, multilingual and multicultural issues.

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